[GRASS-user] Re: ps.map & arrow head

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Mon Oct 31 02:34:13 EDT 2011


thanks for your script. Out of the office for the entire week, I'll give
it a try a bit later.
My solution was based on a spatialite export of the vector map, then
some sql fiddling with vertices coordinates, and finally re-import
corrdinates and angles as a point vector. As Hamish suggested, I could
feed the wiki, although I agree it's rather a sqlite method than a
typical grass solution.


Le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 08:22 +0300, Alexander Muriy a écrit :
> Hi, Vincent, Hamish and all.
> Maybe it would be easier to do PS with ps.map, convert it to pdf (for
> example with ps2pdf), then open in vector editor like Inkscape and add
> arrowheads manually.
> On this topic I made small shell-script <d.arrowhead> that draw
> "arrowheads" of vector lines on the graphic monitor using d.graph (in
> fact, with any custom symbol) and optionally save graph file (to use
> with d.redraw / d.save etc.) and ps.map file (to use with ps.map
> "read" instruction). 
> This command makes red arrows with the custom symbol
> "arrows/arrowhead_1" (created by the script), and saves graph and
> psmap files   
> d.arrowhead -s test symbol=arrows/arrowhead_1 size=20 width=2 col=red
> graph=test.graph psmap=test.psmap
> -----------------------------
> Output PNG with d.out.file and PDF with ps.map+ps2pdf:
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