[GRASS-user] QT with Grass64

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu Sep 1 13:36:18 EDT 2011

We decided not to use QT because it is more difficult to develop a GUI in. We also reviewed current versions of TclTk and GTK as potential interface development environments and settled on wxPython that combines the cross-platform compatibility, ease of programming, open source environment, and versatility in creating interface elements. There may be people in the larger GRASS community with experience in QT, but no one on the dev team is using it for GUI development in GRASS. 

Have you looked at wx?

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> Dear All,
> please help me, how to start GUI devolopment in QT with GRASS64 -TEXT.
> Any link or documents regarding this topic?
> thnks.
> sandip
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