[GRASS-user] Re: Using non-ASCII characters in Legend display

António Rocha antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Mon Sep 5 05:53:03 EDT 2011

Hi (back on this again!)
Does anyone knows a  GRASS_FONT and GRASS_ENCODING configuration tyhat 
allows to display  non-ascii characters in Map Display Windows legend 
(e.g. ááéã)
António Rocha wrote:
>> Greetings
>> I'm not being able to display non-ascii characters in Legend (e.g. á 
>> à ã â ç). Instead of the chatracter a blank space is displayed. (but 
>> with query tool, I can display labels full name in Command Output 
>> window)
>> I know that I shall select encoding and Font type that supports these 
>> characters. I have tried several of them and no LUCK. Has anyone 
>> tried this before? Or anyone has any suggestion?
>> Thanks
>> Antonio

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