[GRASS-user] import shpfiles dbmi: Protocol error

Matthew Mulbrandon mulbran at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 7 10:33:10 EDT 2011


Get nebulous error with data set from lee county. Bot dot data and parcel data when importing. 

v.in.org dsn="filepath" I don't want to write the whole thing.

"Projection of input dataset and current location appear to match. 

output = dfds min_aria=0.0001 snap = -1

Layer: Lee-parcel

Counting polygons for 526085 features 

Importing map 526085 features...

dbmi: Protocol error"

This happens about about 75 percent for the point map. 95 percent for the parcel map. 

I can open the dot file in qgis and the are 0 errors. I can clip and import fine into grass. 

So I think there might be a null value or maybe some other values that is killing the import. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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