[GRASS-user] Cannot create dbf database

Craig Leat craig.leat at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 09:11:43 EDT 2011


I have been able to import a shapefile into a new location, but I
receive an error when I try to copy this vector:

GRASS 6.4.1 (WGS84Lo29):~ > g.copy vect=contours,test
Copy vector <contours at Lotheni> to current mapset as <test>
DBMI-DBF driver error:
Cannot create dbf database: cat /home/craig/GIS/grassdata/WGS84Lo29/Lotheni/dbf/

WARNING: Unable to open database <dbf> by driver <cat
no database is open
WARNING: Unable to copy table <test>
WARNING: Cannot copy <contours at Lotheni> to current mapset as <test>

The first warning seems to have the database and driver switched, but:

GRASS 6.4.1 (WGS84Lo29):~ > db.connect -p
GRASS 6.4.1 (WGS84Lo29):~ > ls -l
total 20
-rw-r--r-- 1 craig users 7297 2011-09-26 10:22 contours.dbf
-rw-r--r-- 1 craig users 8449 2011-09-26 10:26 heights.dbf

I'm on Ubuntu 11.04.

Any ideas what I have done wrong?


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