[GRASS-user] i.landsat.toar unable to read metadata file

Balázs András (METLA) andras.balazs at metla.fi
Mon Dec 3 23:05:12 PST 2012


I am using GRASS 7.0.svn (SVN Revision: 53972) in Windows 7 64-bit, trying to generate cloud masks for Landsat5 and 7 images acquired from USGS.
For some reason i.landsat.toar gives me "Failed to identify satellite" error when I try to run it with the metadata file loaded. I'm able to load the contents of the metadata file to the viewer of the application, but apparently the tool can't find the required information.

In the case above I've loaded the file * _MTLold.txt. If *_MTL.txt file is loaded, I got the following messages:
WARNING: Unable to recognize satellite platform [0]
ERROR: Failed to identify satellite
Product date is 2012-10-09.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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