[GRASS-user] Fwd: GRASS on SSHFS

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 22:43:09 PST 2012

Hi all, (online for just a few hours)

Glynn wrote:
> Have you tried using the uid= and/or idmap=user mount
> options?
> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/mount.fuse.8.html
> idmap=user comes from sshfs (which doesn't appear to have
> any official documentation), and is supposed to map UIDs.

we use sshfs extensively on our heterogeneous computational cluster
instead of NFS (fun with MPI). It works very well, although our network
infrastructure is old enough not to make the extra ssh overhead the
limiting factor on I/O.

I always use 'sshfs -o idmap=user', the main trouble I've had with
newer releases is that if the remote dir is a symlink you must add a
trailing '/' or else it fails with a non-helpful error message. GRASS
over the sshfs link works fine, although my username is typically the
same both local and remote; while the UIDs are typically all over the
place due to the heterogeneity/provenance of the system.

I just tried with a local user name different that the remote one, GRASS
all works fine over the sshfs link, no permissions problem since the local
file system now thinks your local user owns all those files.


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