[GRASS-user] Re: winGrass, ODBC and MS Access database

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:43:35 EST 2012


2012/2/3 Christine <geo.guide at web.de>:
> 1. Connect to database (works):
> db.connect --verbose driver=odbc database=Testdatenbank

It means that attribute data for newly created vector maps will be
stored in 'Testdatenbank' using `odbc` driver, nothing else. Geometry
will be stored in GRASS native format. Controlling external format for
output map can be done using `v.external.out` (GRASS 7 only).

> 2. Attempts to import Data of the database with
> v.external --verbose dsn=Testdatenbank output=Testdaten layer=GWM
> db.in.ogr --verbose dsn=Testdatenbank  db_table=MSSTAMM output=GWM key=OID
> v.in.ogr --verbose dsn=Testdatenbank output=GWM
> all fail. In all three cases a system error message occurs stating a problem
> with odbc.exe and GRASS hangs. Python.exe also crashes or hangs.

Could you report exact error? It's hard to guess.


v.external -f

report ODBC format?


v.external dsn=Testdatenbank -l


I have no experience with ODBC at all (from user POV), anyway [1] says
something about ODBC prefix. So I would assume

v.external dsn=ODBC:Testdatenbank -l

is right.


[1] http://gdal.org/ogr/drv_odbc.html

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