[GRASS-user] ps.map rotatecolumn argument

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Sun Feb 5 12:55:35 EST 2012

Hello Hamish,
thank you for your reply, I knew you were the author of this
feature ;-), read this in a former post.

(I had to cope the whole day with ice in pipes, so sorry for the late

I run grass on a 64bit linux system (debian), freshly updated 6.4
version from svn. Angles are expressed in degrees counterclockwise from

I tried to reproduce the problem on North Carolina dataset(1). But
unfortunately for me... It works !
Note : the default database settings in north carolina dataset link
vectors to dbf driver. In my case, vector maps are related to pg driver.
May it be the source of the problem ?

Another detail : the fieldname containing my rotation values is
'angle' ; could it cause a failure in your c script ?

Thank you in advance,
wrote a ps.map file with this argument:

        vpoints points_of_interest
        	color black
        eps /usr/local/grass-6.4.2svn/etc/paint/patterns/cross_normal.eps
        	rotatecolumn elev_m
        	size 1

symbols appear correctly rotated on the output.

Le samedi 04 février 2012 à 12:13 -0800, Hamish a écrit :
> Vincent wrote:
> > Has anyone experienced the ability of ps.map's
> > vpoints instruction to choose from a rotatecolumn
> > to orient symbols on a map ?
> yes, I add that code.
> > In my case, map arrow contains about 50 points but
> > ps.map  only displays a few ones at correct angle.
> > The database field is integer, angles are specified
> > ccw from east.
> can you reproduce it using one of the standard demo
> datasets?
> what version of grass? what platform?
> angle in degrees?
> Hamish

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