[GRASS-user] two questions: snap and close lines

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Feb 12 14:58:03 EST 2012

Sample location here:
Confirmed by other users.

Il 27/01/2012 18:53, Markus Metz ha scritto:

> The only two options I can think of is giving v.edit a try, otherwise
> hand-editing.

Urgh! Too bad, thanks anyway.

> Why does breaking not work? Maybe you need remove duplicates and clean
> small angles at nodes. You could try
> v.clean input=patched at paolo type=line tool=snap,break,rmdupl,rmsa
> thresh=1,0,0,0 output=patched_1

I'm not quite sure break do not work: new nodes are there, but in subsequent steps
they are not treated as closed polygons.

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