[GRASS-user] Rotating/sizing labels based on DB column?

Asher Hoskins asher at piceur.com
Mon Feb 13 15:34:58 EST 2012


I'm using some Ordnance Survey street-level Mastermap data which 
implements street names, house numbers, etc. as map points linked to a 
database containing the text to print, its size and its rotation.

I can produce basic map labels using v.label:

   v.label labels=xxx map=g26a column=textString layer=3 size=1.50

to get:


Before I start hacking the label paint files myself (the format looks 
nice and simple), is there a way to set size and rotation information on 
a per-label basis? I'm aiming for a result that looks something like 
this (rendered by the Edina Digimap service):


The final map is to be the bottom layer of a stack of moderately 
complicated information and so I'd like to be able to render it myself 
in a simplified form rather than just importing tiles from the Ordnance 


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