[GRASS-user] Rotating/sizing labels based on DB column?

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Tue Feb 14 13:50:43 EST 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:34 PM, Asher Hoskins <asher at piceur.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm using some Ordnance Survey street-level Mastermap data which implements
> street names, house numbers, etc. as map points linked to a database
> containing the text to print, its size and its rotation.
> I can produce basic map labels using v.label:
>  v.label labels=xxx map=g26a column=textString layer=3 size=1.50
> to get:
>  http://www.piceur.com/misc/grass/non_rotated_text.png
> Before I start hacking the label paint files myself (the format looks nice
> and simple), is there a way to set size and rotation information on a
> per-label basis? I'm aiming for a result that looks something like this
> (rendered by the Edina Digimap service):
>  http://www.piceur.com/misc/grass/digimap_render.png
> The final map is to be the bottom layer of a stack of moderately complicated
> information and so I'd like to be able to render it myself in a simplified
> form rather than just importing tiles from the Ordnance Survey.

As of now, the "rotation" parameter seems to only support global

But perhaps v.label.sa could be helpful?


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