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Roger Bivand recommend this list to be more suitable for my sort
of question the R-sig-geo. 
I'd like to use R outside a running GRASS session.
With the R package 'spgrass6' I can initiate a GRASS session (using
the function initGRASS). Therefore I need the path of the GISBASE.
I am working on Max OSX and my GRASS 6.5 has been selfcompiled and installed via the command console (sudo make install). The programm is
now here: "/Applications/GRASS-6.5.app"
What is now the correct path to my GISBASE or how can I find this out?

Does anyone have experience with that? This refers to that topic:
although it is still not clear how to find out where my GISBASE is on my Mac?

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

On Tue, 14 Feb 2012, Johannes Radinger wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to use spgrass6 in an R session outside GRASS on Mac OSX. 
> Therefore I want to use initGRASS to set some needed environmental 
> variables etc. initGRASS() needs gisBase as one parameter which is the 
> direcotry path to the GRASS binaries. What is the standard path on Mac 
> OS X? My GRASS.app is in / /Applications/GRASS-6.5.app...
> so I tried following two approaches so far without success:

Please ask on statgrass or grass-users with reference to:


saying how you installed OSX GRASS. The views that OSX and R or Python or 
other scripting languages have of the file system may well differ a good 


>> initGRASS("/Applications/GRASS-6.5", home=tempdir())
> Fehler in initGRASS("/Applications/GRASS-6.5", home = tempdir()) :
>  /Applications/GRASS-6.5 not found
>> initGRASS("/Applications/GRASS-6.5.app", home=tempdir())
> Fehler in system(paste("g.version", get("addEXE", envir = .GRASS_CACHE),  :
>  Fehler bei der Ausf"uhrung des Kommandos
> I don't know what is causing the problem in the second approach?
> Does anyone know how to use initGRASS on Mac OS X in an R session outside GRASS correctly?
> Best regards,
> Johannes
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