[GRASS-user] Buffered categories

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 14:14:46 EST 2012

Moritz wrote:
> If you create buffers around points which have category
> values and you would like to assign those values to the buffers,
> you can then (after v.category) do something like this:
> v.db.addtable yourbuffers
> v.db.addcol yourbuffers col="pointcat int"
> v.distance from=yourbuffers to=yourpoints  dmax=0
> upload=cat column=pointcat

except of course if two of those buffers overlap, in which case it is
ambiguous as to which starting category the merged buffer area should
take. (which is why v.buffer just assigns everything to category 1 instead
of preserving seed categories in the first place)


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