[GRASS-user] cs2cs Command Syntax Check

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Feb 27 18:23:55 EST 2012

   I have many lon-lat coordinates in decimal degree format that are to be
converted to spcs Nevada East Zone (FIPS: 2701, ADS: 4601, UTM Zone 11),
NAD83, US survey feet or, as the PROJ_INFO in that location has it:

name: Transverse Mercator
proj: tmerc
datum: nad83
ellps: grs80
lat_0: 34.75
lon_0: -115.5833333333333
k: 0.9999
x_0: 200000.00001016
y_0: 8000000.000010163
no_defs: defined

   The command I propose to use is:

cs2cs +proj=latlong +datum=NAD83 +to +proj=utm +zone=11 +datum=NAD83

   Is this correct?


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