[GRASS-user] SQlite Error, Mac OS X

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 28 15:21:23 EST 2012

Johannes wrote:
> When I try to open the attribute table (sqlite db) of a line
> vector with around 100 columns and several 1000 lines I get
> an error message in GRASS6.5 SVN (Mac OSX).
> After the error message pops up (saying only error, no
> specific description) the attribute table opens and shows
> the column heads but no entries and the window seems
> frozen.
> When I check the sqlite datadase with the sqlite manager in
> firefox, there is no problem. There is also no problem when
> I try to open the simpler vector atrribute tables (with less
> lines and attributes).
> I am not sure if that is a known problem or how can I tackle
> it. There is also a crash report from my OS created (Console
> report) which is attached.


it sounds like a (lack of) memory allocation bug in the grass
source code.

could you open a bug report, and (if possible) share some
sample data which triggers it?


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