[GRASS-user] Grass-GIS 7 first impressions

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Oct 18 02:02:07 PDT 2012

I'm late coming to Grass-GIS 7.0. Partly, this is because I'm also not 
enthusiastic about migrating all my stuff to a new OS that I don't need.

However, I decided to run up Debian in a VM and give it a spin.

My very first observation relates to the Python interface: compared to 
either the old TCL-TK or the former d.mon X11, boundaries render too 
thick. It's an aesthetic issue only, but I've worked with people who are 
willing to fight for their desired "look" practically to the death. 
Examples are included and I hope they survived intact.



Second, Python selection panels, for modules that should allow multiple 
selections, work badly.

For example, g.copy. In the TCL-TK interface, I can use g.copy for 
multiple copies. OK, I usually use the command-line anyhow, but: If I 
attempt a second selection in the Python interface pane, it replaces the 
first selection instead of adding to it.

I'll continue fooling around with 7.0 and hope nobody - particularly our 
ever-helpful Markus and the rest of the development team - think I'm 
being deliberately critical. I've been a user of Grass-GIS for six years 
now, and it's an indispensable part of my professional life. (I recently 
saw a company devote two weeks - I am not kidding - of ESRI temporary 
employee time doing stuff in the GUI that a competent Grass-GIS user 
would complete in hours, using v.distance and some database updates. The 
non-GIS manager simply didn't believe my time estimate, even after a 
demo. "No, we'll spend $4k on what we know.").

Richard C

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