[GRASS-user] How to force remove broken vector layers?

Allar Haav allar.haav at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 06:21:03 PDT 2013


Several modules (for example, r.drain) produce vector layers that are to 
some extent broken, at least in WinGRASS 7. Most probably something to 
do with database connections as these seem to be missing for them. 
Anyway, I still need to use the output files and I've been creating db 
tables for them manually. While they are usable after that, it is 
nevertheless impossible to get rid of them afterwards. Using g.remove, 
the sample command output is as follows:
Removing vector <vectpath at PERMANENT>
WARNING: Unable to delete file 
WARNING: Unable to delete vector map
WARNING: <vectpath> nothing removed
(Tue Apr 09 13:58:29 2013) Command finished (0 sec)

So far the only way of removing those layers is just deleting their 
actual files, but this isn't a good workaround as I'm trying to use it 
in a Python script. Is there any better way to force the removal of 
those layers?


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