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Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
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As Martin says, you can only edit files in the current working mapset.

However, there is also a bug in version 6.4.2 for Windows that disables the table management part of the attribute manager even if you are working with maps in the current mapset. The workaround is to use the database management tools under the database menu.

Newer versions of GRASS for Windows are also now available with this bug fixed.

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I must be doing something wrong, but so far I am not able to understand what. Not only am I just learning to how to work with GRASS_GIS, I am new to GIS in general. I recently completed an entry level course about GIS in a community college here in San Diego, CA, but the potential of GIS seems tremendous.

I am working with the basic download of 6.4.2: the SVN Revision is 50870M, and the GIS Library Revision is 45934 (2011-4-13)

My operating system is Windows 7, the 64-bit version.

Whenever I display the Attribute Table Manager, in virtually every circumstance I have tried, both the Manage Tables and Manage Layers tabs display their respective pages, but the pages are entirely disabled. Not once have they been enabled.

Also, with the Browse Data tab, I can run a query, but in no circumstance that I can recall have I been able to edit a record; the edit option has been disabled.

My first question is: When are these options enabled?

A related question might be: Is a 64-bit operating system a problem, and should I change to something different? If need be I could switch to a Windows 7: 32-bit system.

I wish to thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to give, and help me start using GRASS_GIS in a beneficial manner.

Thank you very much.


Mike Mavis

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