[GRASS-user] GRASS on Mac OS 10.8.3

Adam Dershowitz adershowitz at exponent.com
Tue Apr 9 17:37:24 PDT 2013

That did the job.  
In my case it was actually in .profile.  I think that by default Macports,
on recent systems, builds 64 bit.  But, to complicate things, I actually
have a "universal" build of python, but not wxPython.  My guess is that
the problem was actually with wx, not with python itself.

Thank you much!  

-- Adam

On 4/9/13 5:04 PM, "William Kyngesburye" <woklist at kyngchaos.com> wrote:

>There was someone else with this problem, but I didn't have a solution
>then.  maybe this will help them.
>GRASS (OS X) needs a Python compatible with the bundled wxPython.  So far
>this has been limited to 32bit, though the rest of GRASS can be 64bit.
>So OS X has a wrapper that forces python to run 32bit, and the startup
>tries to find a suitable Python.
>It's possible that it still somehow executes the Macports Python, and the
>Macports Python may be 64bit only, then you get the error about the wrong
>architecture (32bit vs 64bit).
>The order for finding Python is:
>/Library/Frameworks (the python.org python)
>Now that I look at it, when finding Python, it doesn't check the
>available architectures, so it's very possible to find the Macports
>Python (suspected 64bit only) in the PATH, then fail to run when it's
>Try setting GRASS_PYTHON in your .bash_profile to (exactly):
>On Apr 9, 2013, at 11:23 AM, Adam Dershowitz wrote:
>> I figured out the problem and a temporary work around, that I figured I
>>would let people know.  But, if anyone has  a better solution, I would
>>love to hear it.
>> The problem seems to be that I have macports installed, and there
>>appears to be an issue with python versions, and where it is being
>> I first tried using the acceptable macports way of changing to
>>different versions of python, but these didn't help:
>> sudo port select python python26
>> sudo port select python python27-apple
>> Etc, but these didn't allow either 6.4 or 7.0 to run.
>> But, if I get rid of all my macports stuff by doing:
>> Sudo mv /opt/local /opt/local_tmp
>> Then I can open either GRASS 6.4 or 7.0.  I can then move opt/local
>>back and then either GRASS seems to work fine.  Even if I quit and
>>restart the gui they are fine.
>> This was not a problem for me on OS 10.6 and earlier.  So, something is
>>different about search paths and/or environmental variables.
>> Renaming like that is not a viable long term solution, as I need
>>macports stuff a bunch.  Any suggestions about how the application is
>>searching and why it is not finding a good version?  Or maybe the real
>>problem is that I don't have the correct port (or version) of something
>>installed in Macports, and if I do then it might be that the macports
>>version is fine, and would work.  I believe that there might have been a
>>change between 10.6 and 10.8 related to 32 bit versus 64 bit being
>>default builds, so could there be an issue with which version of wx, or
>>some other library is being searched for?
>> Any thoughts or guidance?
>> -- Adam
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