[GRASS-user] Python placeholder (%d) in stdin statement of db.execute

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 23:58:04 PDT 2013

Johannes wrote:
> I just tested it again and realized this problem is
> not related to the placeholder in the python code,
> but probably an other issue of my pythoncode line
> nothing is update when use:
> grass.write_command("db.execute", stdin = "UPDATE my points
>   SET prob=100")
> but using UPDATE my points SET prob=100 in the module GUI
> works as mentioned  already before.
> Has anyone experience in using db.execute in python with
> standard input in GRASS7?

in GRASS7 you need to add "input=-" as an option to trigger
reading input stdin. (or else stalled module gui headaches..)

perhaps this needs to be changed to YES?
    input->required = NO;


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