[GRASS-user] installing add-ons for GRASS 6.4.2 on Ubuntu fails

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 23:48:58 PDT 2013


> since v.mkhexgrid is just a python script, you can just download
> it by hand and put it somewhere in your path.

that's what I did, even before trying with a self-compiled 6.4.3RC2, but I
cannot find the extension under the GUI menus (I know, I can run it via

> make sure to run 'chmod +x v.mkhexgrid' on it to make it executable.

Maybe this is thw reason it doesn't load? I will try ASAP

> Probably it is related to packaging work-in-progress issues with
> the last version of GRASS on Ubuntu & Debian. Hopefully fixed
> with the upcoming release of RC3 and the lastest DebianGIS
> packaging rules.

This happens with 6.4.3RC2. I've compiled it using the sources from the svn
tags repository. Is trunk the latest 6.4.3? I thought it wad GRASS 7.

> In general no problem, as 'make install' will create independent
> grass64/ and grass70/ directories for each. From a pre-built
> packaging perspective the grass64 deb package contains a symlink
> called "grass" for startup which the grass7 package can not
> collide with. (only one package can provide a file by the same
> name) AFAIR the other common system files like the desktop icons
> are all named with the major version in the filename so no
> conflict there.

Ok, thx

> note if you want the v.mkhexgrid script to run in g7 you should
> check for a grass7 addons version of it. (or minor changes may
> be required to adjust for any changed options)

I verified that it doesn't exist for g7, but it should be easy to update


> Hamish
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