[GRASS-user] Input data format and read multiple files into Grass 6.4.1

Szilard Albert szilard.albert at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 18:30:53 PDT 2013

It is my very first attempt to use Grass. Or any other Gis program for that
I am trying to read in multiple (hundreds, thousand) LiDAR ascii files into
Grass. They contain elevation data.
I think I have managed one, and I can make a map of elevations, using File,
Import Raster Map, Multiple formats using GDAL. The format is as follows:

ncols         1000
nrows         1000
xllcorner     562000.000
yllcorner     7124000.000
cellsize      1
nodata_value  -9999.0
108.93 108.92 108.97 108.99 109 109.01...
1000 lines, 1000 columns, representing 1 sq km with values at every 1 m.
Files are called


Can this data be loaded as is, or it needs to be converted to a format where
X Y Z are columns 1, 2, 3 etc..

My question is, how do Y read in multiple files? I have tried concatenating
them, no luck.

Thank you for your help..
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