[GRASS-user] Custom d.vect icons in WX-Python GUI

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 2 18:08:16 PDT 2013

Casey wrote:
> I have a series of custom icons/symbols that I often use when I create
> maps or display layers inside of the wx-gui. Older versions of the
> d.vect UI would recognize my grass-6.4.x/etc/symbol/CustomDirName
> directory and the list of CustomIcons inside of it.

note you can also use "$MAPSET/symbol/group/name", but it has to be done
for each mapset. (perhaps we should also search ~/.grassX/symbols/ or
$GRASS_ADDON_PATH/symbols/ ? [tricky if multiple paths in ADDON_PATH])

the idea is to have custom addon items installed for you install-wide,
and survive a version upgrade or 'make distclean' without being deleted.

> With newer enhancements to the GUI which now displays the icon itself
> as opposed to directory/name only, I am no longer able to select any
> custom icons. 
> Note: I can still use the command line to display vector layers using a
> custom icon (e.g. d.vect map=camp icon=custom/camp)

d.vect will get them if the module was built after they were installed.
d.graph might work directly with a newly installed symbol.
the d.mark addon script needs to be edited by hand, but just the (unique)
symbol name, not the group name.

> How can I build my version of GRASS to allow me to choose icons in a
> custom symbol directory using the d.vect UI.

to see them in the GUI you need to make a thumbnail image with ps.map andinkscape. See gui/images/symbols/README in the grass source code for a script to do that. Put the pngs in that same ./gui/images/symbols/ dir structure.

for sharing/backup/possibly get them installed by default consider to
contribute them to

or somewhere in addons svn.


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