[GRASS-user] v.lidar.edgedetection, v.surf.bspline and visualization issues

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Tue Aug 27 12:24:02 PDT 2013

Unfortunately the full set of LAS tools only works in Windows.

FWIW, I've built them into my Mac GRASS binaries (i.e., the ones that are open source) so that you can use both.

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Hello Luis,

I'm about to commit a sacrilegious act on the GRASS-user list but it would seem that Martin Isenburg's LAStools software is more appropriate for this stage of your lidar processing.


My workflow is to do the tasks you mention below (including the point cloud visualization and DEM generation) in LAStools and then import the DEM / DTM to GRASS for all subsequent processing.


Rebecca Bennett
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Subject: [GRASS-user] v.lidar.edgedetection, v.surf.bspline and visualization issues

Hi there,

I´m being working with Grass Gis just for few weeks. I´m trying to
generate a dsm and dtm from LIDAR data. I imported my data as LAS and i
was following the steps explained in the Grass Gis Book of neteler and
mitasova. However, I'am having some problems that are transforming an
easy task into a time-consuming-nightmare. the first thing that I do not
understand is why v.lidar.edgedetection works under Grass Gis 6.4. and 7
instaled in a Virtual machine with Ubuntu but not in Grass Gis 6.4. and
7 in a windows 7 Computer. after calculating the first two regions (from
9) it crashes. I tried to increment the parameters "see" and "sen" up to
the value 10. it is able to calculate a bit more but it still craches.
after googleing it i Just get information about a bug detected in 2006.
I would really apreciate to be able to run this module in a windows 7
computer. do you maybe have a clue?
the second issue is related to v.surf.bspline. I am using a very small
map of 1km2 with 118798 points for testing (the goal is to use the
procedure for a map at least 20 times larger than this one). However,
Grass Gis 6.4 and 7 (for Ubuntu and For Windows) show me a warning
message. it says that it could take too long depending on the amount of
points. I already tried with different values for the parameters" sie"
and "sin" but it doesnt get any better. I just left the computer
calculating for few hours but I´m not really getting any result. do
anyone have an Idea what I´m doing wrong?
Finally, I´m being trying to get a 3D visualization of the points but
both the monitors of the GUI and the wxs ended up crashing before I can
see a thing. is that a known problem? there is any known reason for such
a problem or even better, a solution or an alternative?

Thank you in advance!


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