[GRASS-user] G7: r.random problems with creation of vector points

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 04:08:22 PDT 2013


I am running the latest revision of GRASS7 (rev 57514). When I try to create
random vector points based on a raster map input using the tool r.random I
get something
very weird but definitely no vector points. I seems that the points are
somehow lines.

Here what I am doing (tested with absolute n and with %n):
r.random input=river_raster n=2 vector_output=source_points_test

The output is attached as a screenshot (red=raster input, black=should be
vector points)

Is there anything I a doing wrong or is this a bug in r.random?
Maybe someone can test that. Thank you!


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