[GRASS-user] dbase driver in grass7

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 4 05:05:32 PDT 2013

Levente wrote:

> I was wondering about re-compiling GRASS7. I don't know if it is
> possible to compile it with the dbf connection as default.

see include/dbmi.h: #define DB_DEFAULT_DRIVER "sqlite"
and include/temporal.h: #define TGISDB_DEFAULT_DRIVER "sqlite"

change to "dbf".

> I think that would solve my problem. What do you think?
> Does it make any sense?

typically just running db.connect early on to set the default database for the mapset in the $MAPSET/VAR file is enough. (or pre-seed that VAR file into the new mapset dir yourself)


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