[GRASS-user] Any Gentoo/Funtoo grass-gis users?

Sylvain Maillard sylvain.maillard at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 03:08:43 PDT 2013


I'm a Gentoo user, and don't remember something specific about GRASS
installation ...

You can either use the standard install with latest stable ebuild (6.4.2),
or follow the standard compilation procedure (
On my system, I installed both the official grass gentoo ebuild + 6.4.3_rc3
and 7 from svn. I put them in /opt/grass-xx

I join a small script I wrote to get an automated update. You just need to
install all dependencies, uncomment the first line for the first launch +
to make a new '/opt/grass7' directory ... it's basically just a collection
of commands for the standard compilation procedure and is not system
dependant ...


2013/7/6 Nikos Alexandris <nik at nikosalexandris.net>

> Hi!
> I recently had the luck to be able to obtain a new system.  I am doing
> various
> trials (speak OSes) on it to make the switch from K-Ubuntu to something
> that
> will be more fun to work with.
> I've tried Scientific Linux 6 which I find nice, clean, but I dislike the
> old
> KDE (4.3). I can't live without KDE's Kontact goodies.  Also, myself being
> a
> specialist in messing up normal running systems, I managed to quickly mix
> up
> some of the repositories that don't go well along ;-p.  I didn't read the
> "signs" I guess...
> I am running currently on openSUSE 12.3 which offers a fantastic
> installation
> experience and appears to me to be very stable, even with latest KDE 4.10.
> Indeed, the experience was brought with the least of tweaking actions I
> needed
> to do so far, among various Linux distros I have tried (K-Ubuntu, Slax,
> Fedora
> once, Gentoo once, Debian some years ago).  I think, anyhow, that zypper
> (the
> cli package manager) isn't that good as apt-get (yes, apt-get has some
> functionalities which make life easy when hunting dependencies for example
> --
> me thinks at least).
> The third on the row is Funtoo.  I managed to install quickly the base
> following the official tutorial, had to fight a bit to install Xorg (since
> I
> didn't understand quite some stuff), wait hours for KDE to "emerge".  Yet,
> it
> feels it's worth the time spent!  It seems that portage is quite an
> advanced
> tool and offers everything and even more (?) apt-get has to offer.  It'll
> take
> some time I guess till I gain a good understanding of the advantages and
> how
> to use'm properly.  But it feels like once set-up, you never look back.
> Herewith, I kindly ask you to share your experiences on-list.  In
> particular,
> are there Gentoo/Funtoo users out there who regularly build grass_trunk and
> the rest? GRASS-Wiki looks "empty" in this direction.
> Also, relates in a way, there is this
> <http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GIS_workstation_setup_tips> page which
> deserves an
> update since Technology advances rapidly into new areas.
> Best, Nikos
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