[GRASS-user] Any Gentoo/Funtoo grass-gis users?

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Sun Jul 7 04:58:33 PDT 2013

Sylvain Maillard wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Sylvain,

> I'm a Gentoo user, and don't remember something specific about GRASS
> installation ...

Nice :-). I do fail however to emerge grass :-(.  But, anyway, it is 6.4.2 so 
I don't really need it.  Maybe check the logs another day to see what's 

If you have more Gentoo-tips (reg. OSGeo stuff) and the time to share, please, 
do so :D

> You can either use the standard install with latest stable ebuild (6.4.2),
> or follow the standard compilation procedure
> (http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Compile_and_Install#Generic_Compilation_an
> d_installation_procedure)

Yes, everything works fine after I mounted the partition I am workin on 
sans "noexec".  It was either the "auto" or the "user" option in fstab. Don't 
know which & why does hurt here.

> On my system, I installed both the official grass
> gentoo ebuild + 6.4.3_rc3 and 7 from svn. I put them in /opt/grass-xx

As others do, I don't isntall too, I do run from inside the "bin." directory.

> I join a small script I wrote to get an automated update. You just need to
> install all dependencies, uncomment the first line for the first launch +
> to make a new '/opt/grass7' directory

Something minor: I think the --enable-64it doesn't hurt but isn't required in 

In addition, there is no --with-python option in grass7_trunk:  "./configure --
help | grep py" returns nothing.

It does exist in grass6:

/osgeo/src/grass64_release $ ./configure --help | grep py

                          (python-config with path, e.g.

I bombed in this error while trying to configure grass7_trunk.  I had to  
"eselect python list"  and then set to python 2.7 by executing "sudo eselect 
python set 1".

> ... it's basically just a collection
> of commands for the standard compilation procedure and is not system
> dependant ...

I have a very similar script (with info stolen from the ML), copy-pasted below 
just for the records. Maybe I should direct some info in the wiki -- it would 
certainly help me, for example, if I have seen some info in the wiki.

Thank you, Nikos

# clean
time make distclean

# update
time svn up

# taken from <http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/grass-user/2013-May/068229.html>
renice +17 -p $$

# configure
CFLAGS="-ggdb -march=native -Wall -Werror-implicit-function-declaration" \
./configure \
--with-cxx \
--with-proj \
--with-geos \
--with-motif \
--with-cairo \
--with-opengl-libs=/usr/include/GL \
--with-wxwidgets \
--with-freetype=yes --with-freetype-includes="/usr/include/freetype2/" \
--with-odbc=yes \
--with-mysql=yes --with-mysql-includes="/usr/include/mysql" --with-mysql-
libs=/usr/lib/mysql \
--with-sqlite=yes \
--with-postgres=yes --with-postgresql=yes --with-postgres-
includes="/usr/lib64/postgresql" \
--with-opencl --with-openmp --with-pthread \
--with-readline \
--with-nls \
--enable-largefile=yes \
--with-netcdf \
2>&1 | tee config_log.txt

# make
time make -j13

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