[GRASS-user] Rendering labels in GRASS Cartographic Composer from vector layer

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 02:43:57 PDT 2013

Richard wrote:
> I've tried adding all the contents of the label file directly
> in to the instruction (.psmap) file and also formatting the
> latter (as per the ps.map manual) with 
> labels hydrobasins_5May2013 at hydrolayers
>     font standard
>     end
> However, I still can't display the labels in the map
> composer?

try getting rid of the 'font standard'.

from the ps.map man page:
font font name
       The  name  of the PostScript font.  Fonts
       present in all PostScript implementations
       are:  Times-Roman,  Times-Italic,  Times-
       Bold, Times-BoldItalic,  Helvetica,  Hel-
       vetica-Oblique,    Helvetica-Bold,   Hel-
       vetica-BoldOblique,   Courier,	Courier-
       Oblique,   Courier-Bold,   and	Courier-
       The default is Helvetica.

also try using "fontsize 12" or so, the default with v.labels
is to size the font by map units (to allow e.g. small towns to
dissapear as you zoom out), but if you mistake the size setting
for fontsize, you letters are e.g. 12m tall on a grid of many

does the same labels file work ok in an Xmon with 'd.labels'?


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