[GRASS-user] bug with r.reclass

Asefa Areda moybonat2u at gmail.com
Wed May 15 08:28:46 PDT 2013

Dear All:

I am trying to use the grass i.atcor for atmospheric correcction. Would you
give me a clue what the ''text file'' to be used asone of the input
parameters and if possible the sample/format of the file. The dialogue
window for input image does not seem to allow uploading the raster file.
Any assistance is very much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Dear all,

I'm facing a problem with r.reclass on GRASS 6.4.2 on Linux mint.

r.reclass seems to have a small bug.
I worked with output name "test" , but then, It didn't work any more with
others output names...
This the command I did:
r.reclass --overwrite input=input at mapset output=test rules=path
With the rules:
3 thru 7 = 1
* = NUll

I received the following error when I tried to display the raster or to see
the metadata (In french, sorry!):
It says that it is not possible to find the history of the file and to read
the boundary file (or limit file)
(Wed May 15 15:28:43 2013)
r.infomap=DFO_2006203_LorianSwampsArea_reclass at Merti_Flood_Events_2006_2008_2011
impossible d'obtenir l'historique pour
[DFO_2006203_LorianSwampsArea_reclass at Merti_Flood_Events_2006_2008_2011]
dans le mapset [Merti_Flood_Events_2006_2008_2011]
impossible de lire le fichier de limites pour
[DFO_2006203_LorianSwampsArea_reclass at Merti_Flood_Events_2006_2008_2011dans
ERROR: Unable to read range file
(Wed May 15 15:28:43 2013) La commande s'est terminée (0 sec)
Commande 'd.rast' échouée. Détails : impossible de lire le
fichier de limites pour
[DFO_2006203_LorianSwampsArea_reclass dans
Commande 'd.rast' échouée. Détails : impossible de lire le
fichier de limites pour
[DFO_2006203_LorianSwampsArea_reclass dans

Do someone has an idea what the problem is ?


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