[GRASS-user] Fwd: Airborne LiDAR data strip adjustment

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 20:37:30 PDT 2013

Adrian wrote:
> It's a series of points. But how can I export them from all
> imported files (strips) later into a single one ASCII file into
> specific region? I think that v.out.ascii for example is only
> for exporting single file. And I need to export multiple,
> falling into the region. Is this possible in GRASS?

first set the region and grid size with g.region, check it is
ok with the -p flag.

then depending on what you want to do:

cat *.asc | r.in.xyz x= y= z= fs= input=- output=mapname method=


cat *.asc | v.in.ascii -r -bt x= y= z= fs= output=mapname

r.in.xyz discards points outside of the current region, as does
v.in.ascii if you use the -r flag. 

if your data is already processed, sorted, and cleaned I'd
go straight for r.in.xyz myself, but that's just me.


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