[GRASS-user] Import conditioned DEM from HydroSheds

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Sat May 18 04:55:26 PDT 2013


I'd like to use the conditioned DEM from HydroSheds (15sec resolution)
in GRASS to extract rivers etc. using r.watershed. On the HydroSheds-
Website (http://hydrosheds.cr.usgs.gov/dataavail.php) there are two possible
file formats: bil and esri grid.

The esri grid folder for Europe (eu_dem_15s) contains several files all
with .adf ending and metadata (htm, xml).
The bil folder contains the eu_dem_15s.bil and a *.hdr and *.prj and some

Which format is prefered for importing into GRASS? I guess its the .bil as
there is only
one bil-file with the different addtional info (header, projection etc.).
Which format type
is the .bil in r.in.gdal?

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