[GRASS-user] v.in.gshhs

Nicolas Pérenne nicolas.perenne at free.fr
Mon May 20 12:18:52 PDT 2013


Trying to import GSHHG V2.2.2 ( see 
http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/pwessel/gshhg/ ) through 'v.in.gshhs', I ran 
into this:

GRASS 6.4.2 (wgs84):~/tmp/gshhs_bin > v.in.gshhs gshhs_c.b out=gshhs_c
Using lat/lon bounds N=90.000000 S=-90.000000 E=180.000000 W=-180.000000
ERREUR :Trying to import version 3, only GSHHS versions 4 to 8 (2.0) are 

which looks strange to me. I am currently doing some 'v.in.ogr' on the 
Shapefile version of GSHHS, but the process appears to be quite long for 
the "high" and "full" resolution (assuming one wants to import the whole 
dataset without using '-c'), so I was hoping 'v.in.gshhs' would be 
quicker... please let me know if this is a known issue, or something I 
did wrong, etc.


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