[GRASS-user] v.in.gshhs

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 21 14:24:16 PDT 2013

MarkusM wrote:
> The current GSHHG data release number is 9, the current
> GSHHG data version number is 2.2.2, and the current GSHHG
> software version is 1.13. v.in.gshhs has been updated with
> r56356 to support the latest release. In contrast to v.in.ogr,
> v.in.gshhs imports the shorelines as lines, not sure if this is
> what you want.


just fyi, new releases of Debian and derivatives (Ubuntu & co.)
now ship the full range of gshhs 2.2.0 data as standard packages
for easy install.



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