[GRASS-user] How to implement 2D lookup table?

Rainer M. Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Thu May 23 07:21:51 PDT 2013

Vincent Bain <bain at toraval.fr> writes:

>> >>> ,----
>> >>> | r.mapcalc expression = "result = lookupTable[col=ageClass,
>> row=dc]"
>> >>> `---- 
> Not a mapcalc expert, but what about turning your lookup table in a true
> raster, I mean create a 3colsx7rows LUT raster with values from your
> table, then use this "map" in an r.mapcalc expression, calling LUT[i,j]
> to retrieve the value corresponding to ageClass i and dc j
> Sorry to interfere if my proposition is stupid ;-)

Not at all this sounds interesting. But could you give some more details
on how I could do this? and what do you mean by "calling LUT[i,j]"?



> Vincent
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