[GRASS-user] GRASS7 temporal GIS database questions

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Hi Rainer,

2013/5/22 Rainer M. Krug <Rainer at krugs.de>

> Hi
> I am doing spatio-temporal simulations with R and GRASS and IO am
> thinking about using a temporal GIS database to store the resulting
> raster layers in.
> But I have a few questions about the temporal GIS database:
> 1) If I register a raster map in a temporal GIS database via r.register,
> can I delete the original raster map and the info is stored in the
> temporal GIS database?

Yes, the info is still stored in the temporal database, unless you call
t.support with -m option.

> 2) If 1) is possible, can I extract the raster layer again from the
> temporal GIS database?
> No, that's not possible since only the spatio-temporal extent and some
metadata is stored in the temporal database. The map data itself will not

> 3) Summarizing: Is the temporal GIS database a good archiving place for
> the layers I create during the simulation?

If you think that GRASS is a good archiving place then yes. But be aware
that a large temporal database with lots of maps with slow down the
temporal database access. If you want to store >10.000 maps, then you
should use postgresql as temporal database backend.

Best regards

> Thanks,
> Rainer
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> Rainer M. Krug
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