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I recall there was some capability w/in GRASS previously with terrain
analysis, with classification of landform types -- but not using this
nomenclature. Types were: slope, valley, ridge, saddle, etc... There may
have been 'kettle' and 'dome' which seem to be close to your + and -
openness. I can't remember the module. I know I have some F77 code buried
away someplace written by a teacher years ago during my undergrad days
taking geomorphology


On Monday, November 4, 2013, Rebecca Bennett wrote:

> Dear GRASS users,
> I have recently been made aware of the positive and negative openness
> vizualisations (Yokoyama et al 2002
> http://www.asprs.org/a/publications/pers/2002journal/march/2002_mar_257-265.pdf)
> and would like to try to compute them in GRASS to help identify micro
> relief.
> Though I suspect that this has already been done, I can't find a heads up
> other than this paper (which claims to have creates the web service based
> on GRASS here
> http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/grassweb/manuals/raster/openness.html)
> http://www.lpi.usra.edu/science/stepinskiWebPage/pdfFiles/geoinformaticsConf2009.pdf
> Just a note that although similar in it's aim of highlighting
> microtopography, this is not quite the same as the r.horizon calculation
> (image attached for clarification).
> All the best,
> Rebecca

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