[GRASS-user] Openness Calculation

Rebecca Bennett rabennett at ymail.com
Mon Nov 4 10:36:47 PST 2013

Dear GRASS users,
I have recently been made aware of the positive and negative openness vizualisations (Yokoyama et al 2002 http://www.asprs.org/a/publications/pers/2002journal/march/2002_mar_257-265.pdf) and would like to try to compute them in GRASS to help identify micro relief.
Though I suspect that this has already been done, I can't find a heads up other than this paper (which claims to have creates the web service based on GRASS here http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/grassweb/manuals/raster/openness.html)
Just a note that although similar in it's aim of highlighting microtopography, this is not quite the same as the r.horizon calculation (image attached for clarification).
All the best,
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