[GRASS-user] Suse 12.3, GRASS 6.4.3 - addons not possible to install - SOLVED!

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 01:55:44 PST 2013


> after we fixed to integrate the g.html2man script to the grass package, it
> is now no longer possible to install the grass package itself, without
> manually ignoring this error:
> failed on file /opt/grass/tools/g.html2man: cpio: rename failed - Is a
> directory error: grass-6.4.3-4.4.x86_64: install failed error:
> grass-6.4.3-3.19.x86_64: erase skipped
> We haven't found a solution to fix this yet, and because many people
> recently complained, that grass can't be updated/installed automatically, we
> decided to revert the g.html2man fix for now.
> We will build and integrate the g.html2man script to the grass package
> again, once we find a solution for the error above. 

Hi Otto,

the script used to be installed into $GISBASE/tools/g.html2man/g.html2man, but we simplified things (a long time ago now) by removing the extra dir. If you install on a clean computer it's fine. If you try to install over the top of an older grass installation you get the error. the solution is to clean out the old version before installing the new one, luckily in grass this is very easy, just delete the grass dir. the problem was annoying enough that now we specifically try a rmdir in the 'make install' just before copying that file over. That's in 6.4.3. see:



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