[GRASS-user] Announcing Emacs grass-mode.el version 0.2

Tyler Smith tyler at plantarum.ca
Mon Nov 4 15:27:03 PST 2013

Nick Ves <vesnikos at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Features:
>> * Run grass as an inferior process inside an Emacs buffer
>> * Tab-completion of GRASS commands, arguments, flags and map names
>autocompletion of map names is by far the most welcoming feature!

Glad to hear it! It wil also work for commands that import maps from other locations. E.g., v.proj - after you've entered the 'location' value, it will use that directory to complete the 'input' map name.

These little tweaks are not automatic - I have to add a line for each case. So if you find something that isn't completing as it should, let me know.



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