[GRASS-user] Installing an addon in winGRASS 7.0 for complete dummy

Rebecca Bennett rabennett at ymail.com
Tue Nov 5 05:15:25 PST 2013

Hello all, 

I am also attempting to access add-on in Windows GRASS7 for the first time and simply get an error box with "unable to install extensions" when I run g.extension.

Any ideas what I missed?

Kind regards,

On Wednesday, 24 April 2013, 4:17, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com> wrote:
Evan wrote:
> Hello there, I have installed GRASS 7.0 on 64 bit Windows 7
> and cannot figure out how to install an addon, specifically
> r.geomorphon.


since most Windows computers don't have a common compiler and
building environment built in, what we do (i.e. Martin L. does)
is run a script every night to build many of the addon modules
for Windows, then the addon installer in GRASS detects that it
is running on Windows and tries to download the prebuilt module
instead of building it from scratch as would happen on the
multitude of UNIX variants. A list of "published" modules ready
for public consumption is maintained in the addons repository,
in this case r.geomorphon wasn't on the list, so wasn't available
from the Windows download site. I've just added it to that list,
try again in 4-6 hours from now.

> But when I click 'Fetch' the dialog never comes back
> with a list. I just see 'Fetching list of modules...'
> at the bottom and nothing ever happens. 

I'd guess that the error-detection code in the extension
manager could use a few more checks for possible failure

it looks like an interesting module, an improvement on
r.param.scale's "feature" method.

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