[GRASS-user] GRASS Android apps

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 14 13:10:43 PST 2013


>>Excerpt from twitter:
>>@JollaHQ Who can confirm/where is information regarding the possibility to run #grassgis (http://t.co/OV5tyS27gC) under #sailfishOS?
>>02:26 PM - 14 Nov 13
>>Jolla @JollaHQ
>>@NikAlexandris If you can make it run on Linux with Qt UI, why not.
>>02:28 PM - 14 Nov 13

> This is of course unrealistic. There is wxQt but not sure if
> this was ever used. Then you can rewrite wxGUI in the way that
> you can add Qt widgets but the is work for years. However, you
> can use QGIS (for example there is QGIS for Andrioid) and make
> the connection between QGIS and GRASS working.

there are of course a great many applications of GRASS which are just fine to use without any GUI or Xmon or even graphics at all, just run the processing from the command line, so that should be ok. Rough graphics can be had as long as the GRASS PNG driver and apache work: you present the png output dir to the web server. Then you just swap out of your terminal session to a web browser and hit refresh as needed. :)  [I've actually done this in the field over a flaky satellite connection, and it worked remarkably well]


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