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as your points are intersections along the river course you could create a
network within GRASS (v.net with points as nodes). I think then it should
be possible to use a tool like v.net.distance to calculate distances
between the nodes which is basically the basis for any ordering along the
line. Unfortunately, I haven't performed such analysis myself, so I can't
provide any example, but the manuals of the v.net.* tools should be helpful
in this case.


On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 7:39 PM, Carlos Grohmann
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> Hi there
> I've been looking into this, but not sure about the best way to do it:
> I have a set of points that lie over a line (the line is a river course
> and points are intersections with contour lines). I want to order the
> points 'downstream', so I can make a long profile of the river (just
> sampling elevations from a DEM at line nodes gives too much noise, some
> papers suggest contours intersections work better).
> Question is: how? After some searching I found the Network Analysis of
> QGIS, but still not sure if that's the best approach. The river is very
> meandering, so nearest neighbour won't work because the nearest node might
> not be the next one downstream
> I'm open to suggestions
> thanks
> Carlos
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