[GRASS-user] Export multiple rasters into a single textfile

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Nov 20 05:24:42 PST 2013

Johannes Radinger wrote:

> what is the fastest/most convenient way to export multiple rasters into a
> simple single text file (e.g. csv) so that the rows represent the single
> cells and the columns the values of the single rasters at that specific
> cell? The rasters (n=12) have all the same resolution and consist of each
> appr. 250000 cells.
> What came into my mind was to generate a point-vector (center points of
> each raster cell) and then query all rasters at the locations of these
> points (250000) but I think there must be a more direct way available in
> Any ideas?

Without reading very closely (apologies), did you check r.out.xyz?  It's it's 
doing the job, just loop it over the maps of interest.

Best, Nikos

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