[GRASS-user] how to import e00 data

Simone Gabbriellini simone.gabbriellini at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 06:58:03 PST 2013

Hello List,

this is my first attempt with Grass, I am trying to visualize
administrative boundaries of India... I am trying to load e00 files
that I downloaded from

Now, I really cannot understand how to import these data. I don't
understand the coordinates type of these data, thus I do not know what
to specify when Grass starts. The error message I have is:

WARNING: Datum <Not_specified_based_on_Clarke_1866_ellipsoid> not
recognised by GRASS and no parameters found
ERROR: Projection of dataset does not appear to match current location.

I know this is not much information, but really I have no clue of what
I have to do in order to display these data, so any hint/advice on
best practice about how to proceed will be more than welcome.

Best regards,


Simone Gabbriellini, PhD

Post-doctoral Researcher
ANR founded research project "DIFFCERAM"
GEMASS, CNRS & Paris-Sorbonne.

mobile: +39 340 39 75 626
email: simone.gabbriellini at gmail.com

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