[GRASS-user] how to import e00 data

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Wed Nov 20 07:19:10 PST 2013

On Wed, 20 Nov 2013, Simone Gabbriellini wrote:

> Now, I really cannot understand how to import these data. I don't
> understand the coordinates type of these data, thus I do not know what to
> specify when Grass starts. The error message I have is:
> WARNING: Datum <Not_specified_based_on_Clarke_1866_ellipsoid> not
> recognised by GRASS and no parameters found
> ERROR: Projection of dataset does not appear to match current location.


   Take one step at a time.

   The .e00 file is plain ASCII text. Look at the file in a pager (less,
more, cat) and search for the string PRJ. That's the section of the file
that describes the projection for the coordinate data. Here's an example
from the file for Nevada geology:

PRJ  3
Projection    ALBERS
Datum         NAD83
Zunits        NO
Units         METERS
Spheroid      GRS1980
Xshift        0.0000000000
Yshift        0.0000000000
  29 30  0.000 /* 1st standard parallel
  45 30  0.000 /* 2nd standard parallel
-96  0  0.000 /* central meridian
  23  0  0.000 /* latitude of projection's origin
0.00000 /* false easting (meters)
0.00000 /* false northing (meters)

   Now you have all the information you need to create a location for that
data. Look at the getting started Web page to see how to create a location.

   Now you can start GRASS using that location. In the GIS Layer Manager
window select File -> Import vector data -> ESRI e00 import (v.in.e00). You
can do this directly from the command line with v.in.e00, but you most
likely want to work with the GUI until you get more familiar with the


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