[GRASS-user] how to import e00 data

Simone Gabbriellini simone.gabbriellini at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 07:53:46 PST 2013


thanks for your time.

>   The .e00 file is plain ASCII text. Look at the file in a pager (less,
> more, cat) and search for the string PRJ. That's the section of the file
> that describes the projection for the coordinate data. Here's an example
> from the file for Nevada geology:

Did it, this is what I have:

PRJ  2
Projection    GEOGRAPHIC
Zunits        NO
Units         DD
Spheroid      CLARKE1866
Xshift        0.0000000000
Yshift        0.0000000000

Looks like the ESPG code is 4302, then I proceed to import all the
files, then add vector maps to layer manager... but I cannot see
anything there... just a white map display...

it never fails, but didn't show anything.


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