[GRASS-user] i.photo.camera is missing

Stefan Kiefer st_kiefer at web.de
Sun Nov 24 11:27:14 PST 2013

Hi Markus,
thanks, for the hint ... actually I allready bought the book before 
years. And thats the main reason, I knew about the capabilities of grass 
concerning orthorectification. Only the book is in the office and I am 
at the clients office currently. So I just was dump enough to believe 
that the camera-file should exist already when starting the process.
Entering the filename did the trick...

thanks, and sorry for bothering you with frills and furbelows



Am 24.11.2013 19:54, schrieb Markus Neteler:
> Hi Stefan,
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 6:44 PM, Stefan Kiefer <st_kiefer at web.de> wrote:
> ...
> (I cannot say much about Ubuntu)
>> Is there anyone working successfully with i.ortho.photo (grass 6.4)?
> Yes.
> You may take a look at this GRASS book chapter:
> http://www.grassbook.org/
> --> Sample chapter:
>    --> Aerial + Ortho --> PDF
> Best
> Markus

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