[GRASS-user] hint about r.out.xyz

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Mon Nov 25 05:25:07 PST 2013

Hi again dear grass users,

fiddling with point cloud data, I notice a capability of r.out.xyz which
is neither documented nor allowed from the gui interface, at least in
GRASS 6.4.

In order to produce an ascii pointcloud file following this pattern :
x y z r g b
(i.e. each point of the cloud is described by its coordinates picked
from an elevation raster and a RGB value picked from an imagery raster)
I ran several r.out.xyz commands, then joined the result in a single
file cloud.dat by piping three join commands.

Anyway, later I accidentally typed :
r.out.xyz fs=" " in=elev,map.red,map.green,map.blue out=cloud.dat

... and it produced the right pointcloud in one go.

Perhaps it can be useful (tell me if I miss something rhedibitory with
this usage) :
- to update the module documentation 
- to allow multiple input selection from the gui interface.


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